Drennan Groundbait Caty

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The special elastic provides a positive 'feel' throughout the whole length of its stretch. This enables the practiced angler to accurately place groundbait at any distance between 30 and 60 meters. If the ball of groundbait is kept small (about the size of a tangerine) distances of 70 to 80 metres can be achieved.

The catapult features high quality elastic, moulded finger grip handles and pouches with a special bait cradle.

For accuracy, use a far-bank feature as a marker and always aim at this point. The correct way to hold a catapult is to fully extend the forward arm and lock the elbow by turning the wrist over. To achieve consistent distance, stretch the elastic back exactly the same amount each time and keep the trajectory, or angle of release, consistent. The balls of groundbait must also be of the same size and weight of maximum effect.